10 Photos of Nabila of Date Rush Causing Stir Online

Nabila of Date Rush after getting a date  is causing massive stir online.
A beautiful Ghanaian young Lady based in the United States of America (USA) stormed Date Rush to look for a partner. She later found luck in Nana Kwame, one of the young guys who were on the show to also look for a partner.
The lady, Nabila was raised in the United States of America but currently in Ghana for a purpose. Her presence on the show got all the ten single guys itching to have her as their partner.

After her first profile video was played, the unexpected happened. All the ten guys left their rushes on, a clear indication that they were all interested in the young lady. They could not give up on her.

Most of the young guys were willing to go every mile to have her in their arms.

The host of the program, Giovani was surprised at the turn of events and called for the second profile video.

After it ended, most of the guys still did not give up. Eight of them were left for the beautiful young lady from the United States of America to decide on just one.

She then posed a question and the answers triggered her to switch off most of the rushes leaving only two.

Nabila later decided on Nana Kwame as her partner. According to the young lady with an American accent, Nana Kwame proved to be more matured in answering her questions than the others and that influenced her decision to grab him over them.

“Nana Kwame seems more like a man who takes pride in taking care of a woman”. She told Anita in an interview.

On his side, Nana Kwame seemed surprised and indicated that he was calmly waiting for Nabilla to choose him.

Here are the lovely photos;

Nabila of Date Rush

Nabila of Date Rush Nabila of Date Rush Nabila of Date Rush

Nabila of Date Rush Nabila of Date Rush Nabila of Date Rush


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