10 Photos Of US Based Ghanaian Model Causing Confusion On Instagram

Without any doubt most Ghanaian ladies can’t be left out when discussing about African women with huge backside. It has been noticed that they get this endowment through hereditary or a special treatment they were given at the early stage.

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And in Ghana once you are blessed with this natural endowment, life becomes easy for you. For a fact, that could be observed from the grass to grace story of Hajia Bintu.

Hajia Bintu who is noted for her huge backside is gradually loosing her title of “well endowed” to another lady who happens to be a Ghanaian model based in US.

Hanardy Hawa who is popularly known on instagram as Empressnard is the newly discovered lady who is taking away Hajia Bintu’s title away from her.

Hawa, the Ghanaian model who is also a C.E.O puts her followers in a confusion state anytime she releases photos of herself on instagram.


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