10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Ghana

Are you thinking about profitable businesses you can start in Ghana. No need to stress much, here are 10 profitable businesses you can start in Ghana.

Different types of people exist when it comes to setting up are business. They include people with capital but have no business ideas, others with business ideas but no capital and people who are not certain on the types of business to operate because they look for quicker profit.

A whole lot of profitable business ideas are available to people online but the fact is can that businesses be set up with little capital and also is it what most people currently are demanding?

You need to have a look at your capital, find a good business idea and most important observe and understand what your locality lacks and start to implement that into a business plan.

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How much Capital do I need to start up a business in Ghana?

A determined entrepreneur in Ghana can start up a business with a budget of ¢100 – ¢1,000 and more. It will all depend on the type of business you want to start, and this may include consumable drinks like soft drinks, pastries, toiletries and many more.

What business move fast in Ghana now?

Food joints businesses are especially the business that moves fast in Ghana. Why this? It’s because food is a necessity and there are people who do not have time to cook their own foods so the easy way is getting to the road side and get something they have in mind.

Well, am glad to bring you some profitable businesses you can start in Ghana and with any amount of capital you will get at least one you could start up immediately. Remember there are levels when starting up a business and there is not need to rush or think of making it big at the start. Market Penetration, segmentation and target audience are very important in a business plan.

10 profitable businesses you can start in Ghana.

1. Fast foods – After a tiring day at work, people will want to find some place to relax and enjoy some sweet easy to cook meals. So you can come up with pork and fried Yam Joint, an Indomie business, Pizza, Tilapia joint, etc.

10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Ghana


2. Mobile Money – The rate at which people are adopting to mobile money services in Ghana is mind blowing. You can start up a mobile money business either by getting a wooden box/container, get a mobile money SIM from the Telecom Companies in Ghana, deposit you start up capital and you are good to go.

10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Ghana


3. Selling Products online – Social media has millions of people who are in a daily basis search for something to buy. In Ghana too, there are people who want to go to events and want to look smart. So why not start a business of selling Shirts (for both Men & Women) , necklaces, Watches, Perfumes, Phones, Wigs, Nails, etc. Post into groups on Facebook.

10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Ghana


4. Delivery Services – This services is like the new ish in Ghana now. People don’t have time to transport something to their loved one in another town or region, so all they do is to get a delivery service do the job.

10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Ghana


5. Event Planner – People go to an event every weekend right and I also do. Ghanaians want their events like Birthday to be fun and memorable. So why don’t you master the craft and start up a business Involving decorations, renting of Canopies, chairs, etc.

10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Ghana


6. Photocopy and Internet Cafe Business – Especially around schools from primary to tertiary, students need to do a photocopy, print out and others so why don’t you run an internet Cafe that will help them to research and patronize other activities you offer.

10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Ghana


7. Venture into animal Farming – This can be sheep, snails, poultry, goats, turkey, Grass cutter, Tilapia farming, etc. Start little, know your target markets, be unique and get food joints to supply to them or even sell to customers at the market.

10 Profitable Businesses You Can Start In Ghana


8. Sale of Building & Construction Materials – People are working on their homes each and every day. They need materials like Cement, Window Nets, Plywood, Tiles and among others. You can start up this business too.


9. Pharmacy – Why pharmacy? Pharmacy because we all need medicine when we are sick. So you need to get a pharmacist who can help run your business for you in return for an income.


10. Hairdressing/Barber Shop – Another fast business you can operate in Ghana is a hairdressing saloon or a Barber shop. This business really has a high demand in Ghana currently.


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