17 Year Old Girl Allegedly Impregnated By Dr UN, Shares Full Details Of How It All Happened (Video)

17 Year Old Girl, allegedly impregnated by Dr UN have eventually come out to share full details of how it all happened.

Yesterday, a video went viral which saw Dr UN better known as Dr Fordjour questioned by a lady for allegedly impregnating her younger sister. This came as a surprise to many Ghanaians as it been long since we heard from him.

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The young girl, now the victim, has been identified as Matilda with her house name as Maame Efua. She was granted an interview by Rashad on Ghpage television which has been monitored keenly by Edem Trends Gh. In the interview she disclosed how everything occurred.

Full Details 

She started by saying she has been in a relationship with Dr UN, and they usually go to a hotel to do the do. But it’s been 3 months now since her monthly period ceased to flow. As scared, she tried to check if it’s pregnancy and indeed it turned out to be positive.

As she reached out to Dr UN to give him the news, he gave her all sort of excuses. But Dr UN in an earlier video has admitted to doing the do with her. But don’t really remember the last time they did it and don’t accept responsibility to father the unborn child.

On how the two met, the 17 years old Matilda, revealed she completed SHS last year. But she was still a student in school, when she went out with her friend to have some fun.

Whiles seated, she was approached by a man who was sent by Dr UN to call her. She was scared of an unknown person wanting to meet her, but her friend told her to go listen to what he has to say.

She appeared to be shy when she came into contact with him and couldn’t talk much, so he collected her number. a When she went back to school, the conversations started on the phone.

Watch the full interview below.


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