3 Natural Plants That Looks Exactly Like Some Parts Of The Human Body

3 Natural Plants That Looks Exactly Like Some Parts Of The Human Body

After coming across these items which looks exactly as some of the body parts of humans makes me believe the adage which states that “wonders shall never end”.

Seeing things like this tells how powerful and special God is since this is rarely to seen in the world.
Make yourself comfortable and go through the photos below and you can tell for yourself how amazing this is.

These plants might marvel a lot of people but trust me they are real and not fake. Some plants grow in a certain form that beats our imaginations. Some plants grow in their own way so depending on the environment. These plants are natural.

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Natural plant
Coconut taking the form of a male organ shape

We all know coconut to be a fruit and is seen most often either on their trees or at roadsides for people to buy but to find a coconut in this form is really a mind blowing one.
In the photo, the coconut could be easily identified as an item with an exact description of a part of the human body for the males in particular.


  • A flower
Natural plants
Flower taking the form of a human lips

What was your reaction after seeing this photo? Shocked right? Well, many may think this kind of flower does exist but let me let you know that, it does exist.

This flower can be grown in only tropical forests central and South America countries like Colombia, Costa Rica among others. The flower is commonly referred to as lips flower since it looks exactly as the human lips.

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  • Yam
Natural plant
Yam taking the form of a human leg shape

This yam looks like the foot of a human. We do eat yam as a meal and know how it looks before it is peeled so to see a yam like this is really surprising.


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