4 Ghanaian Police Officers Struggle To Handcuff A Driver [Video]

An incident which happened at Dansoman in Accra is classified by  witnesses as dramatic. The whole drama began when a driver stated he left his license in the house after being stopped and questioned by a female MTTD officer.
The video receiving mixed reactions from Ghanaians captured two police officers in uniforms and two others in normal attire having a heated misunderstanding with the driver.


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According to the video, a witness disclosed that after the driver failed to provide his license, he allegedly tried assaulting the female officer but the two other male officers came to her rescue.

The police officers tried to help their female colleague but this worsened the case. The driver went on to hit one of them. This got the officers angry so they decided to handcuff him. But were finding it difficult to do so due to how strong the driver was.

Later, two men who were believed to be officers too but not in uniform also came to help. They tried several times before they succeeded. The witness also added the driver was sent to the Dansoman Police Station.

Watch video below.


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