8 Kumawood Movie Stars Who Are Also Into Music

There are some Kumawood movie stars who aside movies are trying to delve into the music industry in Ghana to prove how multi-talented they are.

A number of these Kumawood stars had started their music journey from a long time since the times of concert parties and an example of legendary actor Agya Koo.

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Others too have gone into this as a part to chase their dreams and passion they have for music since their young ages and in this write up we will look at these movie stars who are also musicians.

Do you know these eight (8) Kumawood movie stars who are also into music in Ghana? Check these names below.

• Kwadwo Nkansah (Lil win)

Kumawood Movie Stars Who Are Also Into Music

Kwadwo Nkansah (Lil win) has always had the passion to make music and for fun purposes as well. He has released songs in the music industry, and some of his hits includes “Ladder”, “Mama Boss Papa”, “Sor me so”, etc.

Kwaku Manu

Kumawood Movie Stars Who Are Also Into Music

Kwaku Manu is a Kumawood actor, musician and a presenter. He also has a number of songs released and have titled like “wobete kraw”, “Enye me fault”, “sixteen”, etc.

• Emelia Brobbey

Emelia Brobbey is a Kumawood actress who ventured into music just a few years ago. She has so far brought out songs like “Fa meko”, “Odo Electric”, “Makoma”, etc.

• Yaa Jackson

Kumawood Movie Stars Who Are Also Into Music

Yaa Jackson is also an actress doing great works in the Kumawood movie industry. She appeared in the music scene somewhere two years ago and has songs like “Ginger”, “Ehwe Papa”, “Omo Beka”, etc.

• Frank Naro

Kumawood Movie Stars Who Are Also Into Music

Frank Naro is Kumawood actor and a movie director as well. He is into music also now and has a released songs including “Abena”, “Twa Me 2”, “Do Me”, etc.

• Agya Koo

Agya Koo has been a great inspirational to many youngsters in the movie fraternity. He is also into music and makes highlife and performs mostly at traditional events. He has songs like “Abibirem”, “Nea Obedi Ada”, “AFA”, etc.

• Rose Mensah (Kyeiwaa).

Kyeiwaa is a veteran Kumawood actress but currently living life outside Ghana. She released a gospel track last year 2020 titled “To Mepono Wo Atanfo Anim.”

• Wayoosi

Wayoosi is a Kumawood actor, and he started developing the passion to make music at a very young age when he used to follow legendary Lord Kenya. He has songs titled “Aseda”, “Testimony”, “Obofour Mpaebo”, etc.


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