9 Days Ago I Reminded Elon About His Death But Many Crticized Me- Professor Writes After Elon Musk’s Mysterious Death Message (Watch)

Kurdish American Activist and prominent figure in the Quaranism movement, Edip Yüksel shared a suprising message under tweet of Elon about the message about his death.

According to him, 9 days ago he reminded the world’s richest man about his death on Twitter but he was criticized for writing so.

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Edip in addition to his post gave an evidence showing the time he reminded Elon about his death.

He made the statement under a previous post of Elon which captioned “Next I’m buying Coca-cola to put the cocaine back in”.

Edie’s reaction to the post was; “Well you can’t buy time, Elon. You Will die like everyone, and go to your Lord. Life on this planet is way too short”.

“Your money, wealth, Tesla, Twitter and your follows will not buy you even a foot square in Heaven”.

“So, be good, promote monetheism, freedom, peace and justice!”


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