9 Times Akuapem Poloo and Son Shared Lovely Moments Together

In Ghana, the love that mothers have for their children are unconditional. Also, mother will go any length to ensure that their children are safe. The same can be said of Akuapem Poloo and her son, Sonof.

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Born Rosemond Brown Alade, the Ghanaian actress has always warm the hearts of Ghanaians with the adorable photos of herself and her son serving mom and son goals. The actress was seen wearing a pink dress with a matching pink sneakers. Her son also wore a white shirt over a black trouser.

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The priceless expressions on the faces of mother and son says a lot about the love that Akuapem Poloo and her son have for each other. However, you can say Akuapem Poloo and son share a great bond together.

Here are some photos below of mother and son;


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