9 Years Old Anthony Appiah Writes An Emotional Letter To Ghanaians To Seek Help For His Family

A 9 years old Ghanaian boy with the name Anthony Appiah, a class class 4 pupil and the third among his five siblings has written an emotional letter to Ghanaians to seek help for his family.

In this letter which was posted by social media influencer and philanthropist Abena Manokekame on Twitter, the young boy revealed in his letter that his father who is a commercial bus driver has been unemployed due to his vehicle developing a fault.

He added his mother as well is unemployed and the family has no money to eat and can’t send his sick little brother to the hospital.

He has called on the Ghanaian populace to help his family, his mum and dad especially to get a job as things have been hard for them for about two months now.

Read the boy’s letter in the tweet below and get in touch with @Abenamagis on Twitter if you can grant his wish for him.


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