A 17 Years Old Hawker With ‘Celine Dion’s’ Voice Discovered By Strangers. Watch Video

A female hawker who is said to 17 years of age has brought the internet to a stand still following her melodious voice.

Well, this does not seem to surprise many since they believe that there are a lot of talent out there. But to get their destiny helper or someone to uncover their hidden talent is the problem.

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Fortunately for this young hawker, her talent was discovered by some strangers who gave her the platform to showcase it through the internet.

The girl who stated her parents have no idea of her ability thus the singing, was provided with some beat instrumentals to confirm whether she is truly a good singer. She perfectly delivered a song on the beat sounding like Celine Dion.

The young girl has a sweet and beautiful voice and her video is receiving massive comments. Indeed, this is an angelic voice singing. We pray she gets the needed help to nurture this talent.

Watch the video below:


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