A Photo of a Pastor Baptizing a Lady Nak3d Pops Up Online, Netizens React (Photo)

The world is gradually turning into something else as each day we get to read interesting stories on the internet. These days the act of Baptism has been taken to a different level compared to what the Bible says.

Baptism is like an act of ushering one into Christian-hood and repentance. Surprisingly, this act is now performing differently according to the desire of those who perform it.

There is a video making rounds on social on baptism which was perform differently from the usual process we know. It is believe that baptism is done either in a robe specially provided or your dress. But this time it was very different.

A lady is going viral after a photo of her getting her baptism nak3d surfaced on the internet. Everything was clearly showing on her chest.

See this post.



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