A Student Vows Not To Promise And Fail Like Nana Addo In His Manifesto

In a video sighted by Edem Trends Gh, a student is seen reading his manifesto for Prefectship. He made certain shocking statements on how the President promise and failed. But in his era, such will never happen.

It is a norm in most schools to aspire for a Prefectship. They put together a manifesto which include things are going to do when voted into power.

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Gaining a position as a prefect in a school, your manifesto must contain information that can convince the students. To have their vote, your programme outline must reflect their desires. Well, who knows that was the same procedure the student was using.

During the reading of his manifesto, the pupil made known a promise Nana Akuffo Addo before he came into Power. This was in relation to the one village one dam promise which he thinks the President failed on that. He added by the saying, he won’t follow the same path but make sure the school’s surrounding is always clean.

Watch the full video here;


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