A Young Female Kid Tells Mum She Wants To Give Birth To 5 Babies

A young female kid has revealed to her mum she wants to give birth to 5 babies whilst crying.

Sincerely, there are some children who get filled with joy when they set their eyes on a newborn babies.

The act shown by this young female kid probably a five (5) year old or less telling her mum her readiness to give birth has created a certain atmosphere to laugh about.

Also, the most shocking part of the video was the revelation on the number of kids she wants to have. She even broke down into tears whilst speaking.

People do make the statement that there is nothing like a child in today’s world. And this seems to be a perfect example.

Again, kids upon reaching certain stages disclose to their parents what they wish to become in the future. But with the case of this ward, her wish is to be a mother giving birth to five babies.

In addition, at the latter part of the video, the girl was again asked when she would like to give birth to the kids.

The reply she gave to a mother was just a day and she was still shedding tears. At last, mother of this girl was touched by her daughter’s act listening to their conversation. She was trying to stop her from crying, as she prayed to ask God to let her daughter’s wish come to pass.

Watch this touching video below.


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