A Young MzVee Fan In Tears Of Joy After Meeting the Songstress

MzVee is one of the most talented songstresses in Ghana’s music industry.

Since she officially started making waves as a musician, she has warmed many hearts. Also built a huge fanbase, of which many are youngsters.

For her being a natural girl advocate as well, the love that was shown to her by these young ones was really massive and till date MzVee is known for this great project she brought up for Senior High School girls.

A lot of us have this crazy feeling when we unexpectedly bump into personalities who we look up at public places. We go the extra mile of wanting to take photos with them and this attracts some sort of different kind of feeling we’ve never had.

A video shared by MzVee, shows one of her young fans who couldn’t believe her eyes when she met her. All she did was to just go down in tears of Joy.

MzVee’s reaction to how the young girl broke up into tears of Joy was very priceless and emotional.

The young fan of MzVee was spotted sitting on her laps and on her face was little tear drops. At the latter part, all she did was to give the musician a hug.

Watch the video beneath:


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