Abdul Mahmoud: The Lookalike of Nam1 Feel Threatened For His Life

Abdul Mahmoud is a 38 year old Ghanaian entrepreneur who looks exactly like Nana Appiah Mensah widely known as NAM1.

In an interview with one of the presenters of Joynews, he said he fears for his life now. As customers who had dealing with the boss of Menzgold mistake him to be the one.

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Surprisingly, he does not only look like NAM1 but with his physical stature one will possible mistake him for NAM1. He also shares the same birthday with NAM1. Mahmoud has decided to voice out and tells the general public that he is not who they think he is.

Again, Abdul Mahmoud gave a couple of scenarios, when he stepped out with a friend to circle. He saw two people mistaking him to be a NAM1 and was planning to beat him up. But luckily he understood the language they correct and told them he wasn’t the one.

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He also disclosed that with his identity he has had some tiring encounters at the airport. Also, posts he makes on social media get deleted because of mistaken Identity.

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Due to this, Abdul does not go out often, and he is taking measures now to grow his hair inorder to show a different resemblance.


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