Accra Technical University Hostel Application

In this article, we will provide you with the best information to complete your Accra Technical University Hostel Application.

Accra Technical University Hostel Application

Accra Technical University has two hostels, the old hostel, and the new hostel. However, you have to be a registered student of the tertiary institution before you can apply for any of the two hostels, and this is because your student identification number plays an important role here.

Why do you need your student ID number before applying for ATU Hostel? That’s a good question. Well, there is a website belonging to the school that you need to log into to apply for hostel accommodation, and this requires your student ID and password.

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Every fresher of ATU gets a unique student ID number after payment of fees stated in their admission letter at the school’s approved banks. Freshers will be required to reset their password by visiting the ATU student portal (icampus) after they have received their student ID numbers.

You don’t have to forget your new password because, together with your student ID number, will be your credentials to log into your icampus, where you will apply for a hostel and many more.

How to apply for ATU Hostel

1. Visit the official website of Accra Technical University at

2. At the top of the site, click on Icampus.

3. Enter your User ID (e.g., 011XXXXXD) and click on authenticate.

4. Enter your password and log in.

5. On your student portal, look for “Applications” and select “Hostel Application.”

6. Choose the hostel you prefer based on your gender.

7. Pick a room and make payments within 24 hours.

8. After you make a payment at the bank, go to the school and show evidence of your payment for an official receipt.

9. Download the tenancy agreement on Icampus, sign and send it to your hostel supervisor for final registration.

Note: You need to make full tuition payment before applying for hostel accommodation.

Hope these information have been very useful for your hostel Application in Accra Technical University.


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