Afia Schwarzenegger’s twins belong to a refugee woman who is now dead- Woman blows alarm

A video dropped on social media is indicating that Afia Schwarzenegger’s is not the mother of twin children. The woman in the video stated that the children do not belong to Afia but rather a refugee baggar.

The beef between Afia Schwar and delay is erupting several secrets and involving others. Listening to the recorded video careful, the woman indicated that James Ian Geiling Heerdegan and John Irvin Heerdegen Geiling are not her kids and that they belong to a woman who was a refugee beggar.

Speaking further, she disclosed that the real mother of the twin children Afia claims as hers is death had no means of taking care of the kids hence gave them to Afia to take care of them.

She continued to say in the video added to this report that the woman who is now deceased was in no position to take care of the kids at that time and handed them to Afia who promised to give them the best of everything.

The unidentified woman disclosed that the real mother of John and James, the refugee woman travelled back to her country and died so no one could trace her kids because they are not even aware of them.


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