African Man Who Balanced 735 Eggs On His Head Gets Recognition From Guinness World Records

Internet users couldn’t believe their eyes when a man did the unthinkable with alot of eggs arranged in crates surpasses twenty.

In a competition where he was to exhibit the talent has, he appeared on stage carrying a number of 735 eggs on his head surrounded with different colours of face mask.

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The gentleman who has been identified as Gregory Da Silva is a citizen of the republic of Benin. His never seen before talent exhibited during his time has earned him a Recognition from Guinea World Records.

Although eggs needs to be supported with the hands when carried on the head, the Beninian let go off his hands from the carried vertically arranged eggs using his head to control them from falling.

A portion of the video also shows how Gregory was provided with an award from the Guinness World Records for an unimaginable record like his.

Watch video below.


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