Ajagurajah Throwback: 9-Years-Old of Ajagurajah Photo Pops Up Online

Ajagurajah throwback trending online.

The controversial man of God who claims to have seen an Angel with the celestial name Ajagurajah is possibly the only man of God who has fed and continues to feed a large number of people at his church premises every week.

Chop bar Sofo, Killer Nkuto, Wubedi brock, and many other nicknames have been given to the CEO of Brock Nation. He is frequently seen barefooted during his sermons, yet many people are perplexed as to why he does so.

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According to him, the house of God is a holy place, and those who enter should show themselves in a holy manner, just as Moses did in the Bible.

Ajagurajah has made some contentious claims, including that Jesus Christ was not murdered, but rather switched for someone else. Many Christians were outraged at the man of God as a result of this, but he remained unfazed.

According to him, he does not obey the commandments of the New Testament. But rather lives his life according to the Moses law. Which states that if someone slaps you, you have the right to hit the person back in the same way he slapped you.

A 9-year-old photo of Ajagurajah has surfaced online. At first glance, he appears to have always been a huge guy from childhood, with the exception his bushy hair. In the photo with him is a young girl he could be a sister or classmate. The photo was taken several years ago on the school grounds, yet the likeness is still there.

Ajagurajah Throwback
Ajagurajah Throwback


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