Akrobeto Goes International Once Again With A Video He Was Captured Wrongfully Pronouncing EPL Footballers Names (Watch)

Host of real news show, Akwasi Boadi who is easily known as Akrobeto has once again hit the international market with a video he was seen mispronouncing names of English club players.

The video got some three white journalists laughing all out while they were calmly watching Akrobeto mispronouncing the players who happens to be players of Manchester City and Chelsea Football Club.

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Though the the video is an old one, it looked new to these journalists and other netizens since this is their first time of coming into contact with the hilarious video.

The video already went viral somewhere around 2021 when Chelsea and Manchester City were to play at the Champions League finals. The lineup of both teams mentioned by the actor was what many found as hilarious.


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