Ali and Shemima of Date Rush Getting Married and Expecting A Baby?

Date rush show has become one of the trending television shows since it started. The show is watched by many Ghanaians and even beyond. It is very entertaining and lively one. There was never a dull Sunday evening since people would glue to their seat to watch date rush. Many viewers never wanted to miss a single moment of the show.

Date Rush is one of the most entertaining and exciting show that could calm nerves and a stress reliever.

The show saw many beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen coming. There were some funny and controversial people on board as well. One of the gentlemen, who was seen as the male version of Fatima also came.

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We are referring to no other gentleman than Ali. Immediately Ali came on the show, many date rush viewers tagged him as Fatima in a male version. This is because, whatever he did, reminded them of Fatima.

Ali had a date and she was in the person of Shemima. Many people wondered if their relationship would last seeing how thick the lady was. Also, many people thought the relationship would collapse at an early stage. This was because in an interview with Zion Felix, Shemima revealed that she had a child, in the presence of Ali. A lot of controversies came on board and people really talked about this issue.

Well, In a video and photos making rounds on Instagram indicate they are still going out. If Ghanaians can remember, there was a trending video of Ali confessing his love for Shemima. Ali told her that he loves her more than his mother and a whole lot of issues.

There are these trending photos and video of Ali and Shemima of date which one cannot really tell. Whether they are expecting a baby and getting married soon or not, it’s confusing. In the photos, you can see Shemima and Ali in a store buying baby diapers. Aside that, you can also see a picture where a woman is showing a wedding gown to Shemima. One goes through this process when about to get married, she selects and tries wedding dresses on. And the third picture showing how the two have finished shopping and packing the items into their car.

The pictures are below;


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