Amazon Founder, Jeff Bezos Reportedly Invests In Anti Ageing Technology That Will Help Humans Live Forever

Amazon founder known to be the world’s richest man is reportedly finding a start up with the goal of preventing the effects of ageing and potentially make people get an everlasting life (live forever).

This may seem weird but reports has it that several billionaires are backing up the company’s anti ageing research. The said company whose target is to reduce or prevent ageing has an aim of biologically reprogramme cells so they are rejuvenated to prolong human lives.

Following reports of MIT Technology Review, Bezos in the start up called Silicon Valley Tech Altos Labs, which is researching how to reverse ageing. The publication reported that Altos is the brainchild of Russian tycoon Yuri Milner, who made his fortune through facebook.

Milner reportedly met with scientist in 2020 during a two day conference at his palatial home in California on how biotechnology might be used to make people live long.

Information has it that Bezos interested in longevity research for a long time. In fact, he sometime ago backed an anti ageing company called Unity Biotechnology.


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