An Australian Woman Who Transformed Herself With Over 600 Tattoos Worth $250,000 Says Ink Injected In Her Eye Balls Left Her Blind For Weeks

An Australian woman who transformed herself with $250,000 worth of tattoos and body modifications has claimed she does not regret anything despite admitting her eyeball tattoos and tongue split did not go to plan.

Amber Luke, 27, from Brisbane spoke to Studio 10 on Thursday about her extreme modifications and tattoos.

The influencer, who has more than 600 tattoos, says the hefty price is ‘all worth it’ because she’s ‘seen how resilient she is’ by putting her body through extreme stress.

Speaking on Thursday, she added that ‘we all have a perception of what beauty is’ and that no one ‘has to see her as beautiful’.

She added, “Not everyone is raised to be so open minded, society is so closed minded. The stigma behind tattoos needs to be released, she said.


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