Anthony Loffredo “Black Alien” Before His Body Modification (Photos + Videos)

the black alien project

“The Black Alien Project” whose real name is Anthony Loffredo has undergone several modifications to have his current look.

the black alien project

He was never born this way but growing up into, his dream was to transform himself into an alien and at this point that dream is working perfectly well for him. He also has many tattoos covering almost every part of his body.

In this article, we will provide you will a couple of videos that shows how Anthony was before transforming himself into black alien. This video will show you how he looked when he was a young boy and when he grew into a man before his modifications.

the black alien project

Loffredo has a tattooed neck, eyeballs, facial piercings and tunnels in his ears, divided his tongue into two, has an implant under his skin and many more modifications. The videos will give you a clear picture of how he looked before turning into black alien.

He loves to share photos and videos of his modifications and how he looks now. On certain occasions he shares some throwbacks of how he used to look like. His instagram page, “the_black_alien_project” has lots of his photos and videos.

Many social media users who have come across these videos and photos have described him as good looking during those days.


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