Armed Military Officers Clash With Suame Police Officers (Video)

Earlier today, it was reported to that 6 armed military officers stormed the Suame police command in the Ashanti over the arrest of a colleague. They assault police officers on duty during their invasion.

News that came in indicated that the alleged military officer who was arrested goes by the name Staff Sergeant Jamel. Reasons behind this arrest came out that he was riding an unlicensed motorbike in the streets of Suame.

It was reported that, Staff Sergeant Jamel allegedly placed a call to his colleague military officers while in the police cell. Within a twinkle of an eye, about six armed military officers invaded the police station and assaulted the police officer on duty.

This brought about tension at the Police Command, and the suame environment as some reinforcement was called from the Ashanti Regional Police Command to disband them.

According to reports, residents have become apprehensive as a result of the clash that ensued between the Police and the armed military officers. It is said that such has been the reaction from the military anytime an officer is arrested for committing an offence.

With this chaotic situation, the Regional Police Commander will have to cause a full-scale investigation into the matter and ensure that the Military officers who went berserk are made to face the full rigours of the law. Some disciplinary measures may be taken against Staff Sergeant Jamel and his colleagues who attempted to bail him out forcefully from police custody.

The decision by the Police in detaining the military officer is just as in most cases they often see themselves are “above the law”. Though the situation has calmed, the reinforcement from the Regional Police Command remains.

The fears are that there might be another retaliation by the military officers, as this incident seems to have been the third time it had happened. The ruthlessness of these military officers is shameful and must be condemned.

Staff Sergeant Jamel will not go free for this lawlessness. He will be held responsible for the attack and be made to name those armed military officers who allegedly assaulted the station officer.


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