Ashantis Are Tribalistic, We Would Have Called Them Racists If They Were Whites- Highlife singer Kwaisey Pee who Is An Ashanti man Himself Says

Despite being one of them, the singer didn’t hide his sentiments on the attitude his own people like to portray.

Speaking to Ohemaa Woyeje on Angel Fm, the highlife singer made a controversial statement concerning Ashantis.

While talking he used a political scenario, by saying; “When you endorse NPP it doesn’t affect you because years ago it used to be the Ashantis who organize most of the entertainment shows so when you don’t support NPP they don’t call you for shows”.

“If Ashantis were whites, we would have said they are racists. Ashantis have some bad words they say against Gas and Ewes and that’s bad and makes them bad people”.


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