Ay Poyoo Flaunts Photos Of Himself And Beautiful Girlfriend

Just recently the “GOAT” Ay Poyoo took to social media to celebrate his birthday with alot of photos. The nicest aspect of this was when another set of photos he shared included a pretty lady.

Poyoo who shared the photo indicated that the beautiful lady is her babe in a caption of the photos. Without further explanation, you could tell that all Poyoo meant was that, she is his girlfriend.

Furthermore in his caption, he made it clear on how some people may wonder why a pretty lady like this would follow someone like him. He also added how this lady has been there for him with her support.

Also aside them being lovers, they also share a common thing together which is their birthday. To share the same birthday date with your crush or the one you love is awesome and looking at their photos, it tells it all.

The photos portrays the young beautiful lady is ever ready to support his man looking at how she also has the chain Poyoo puts on around her neck.


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