Bank of Ghana: Office Locations, Branches and Contact Details

The Bank of Ghana is the central bank of Ghana. Its headquarters is located in Accra and was formed in 1957. The bank is active in developing financial inclusion policy and is a member of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion.

Who owns bank of Ghana? It is 100% owned by the State. Its main function is to design and device monetary policy towards achieving its aims as well as stabilizing the value of the currency within and outside Ghana. They regulate the activities of banks in Ghana.

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The bank started operating in 1957 with six main departments namely:

  • The Governors’ Office
  • The Administration/Personnel Department
  • The Banking Department
  • The Issue Department
  • Accounts/Audit Department
  • Economics/Statistics Department

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The Bank was pronounced the best central bank at the seventh Central Banking Awards in October 2020.

In our today’s latest article, we will like to provide you with Bank of Ghana office locations, branches and contact details. They have the main or head office and other sub branches.

Bank of Ghana: office locations, branches and contact details

Bank of Ghana (Head Office)

Address: One Thorpe Road, P.O.Box GP 2674

Location: Accra

Email: [email protected]


+233-30-2666174 – 6
+233-30-2666361 – 5
+233-30-2666902 – 8
+ 233-30-2666921- 5

Fax: +233-30-2662996


Cedi House (Head Office Annex)

Contact: +233-30-2665252


Hohoe Office

Address: P. O. Box 116, Hohoe




Kumasi Office

Address: P. O. Box 1989, Kumasi


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Sunyani Office

Address: P. O. Box 598, Sunyani




Tamale Office

Address: P. O. Box 340, Tamale




Takoradi Office

Address: P. O. Box 532, Takoradi



The first governor of the bank was Mr. Alfred Eggleston, the former Managing Director of BGC and an accomplished Scottish banker on secondment to Ghana from the Imperial Bank of Ghana. His Deputy Governor was one Mr. Douglas F. Stone, another renowned British central banker also on secondment from Bank of England.

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