Beautiful Lady Cuts Off Boyfriend’s M@nhood Due To Cheating [Video]

It’s sad how some partners in their relationship go the extra mile of doing an unimaginable act. Alot of relationship have crushed due to lack of forgiveness and misunderstanding from either the guy or the lady.

Well it has been considered some do the unthinkable due to how they feel betrayed. This video circulating online is an example. A video making waves on the internet has got alot of people talking. However, the male gender feel down after watching a lady in Nigeria caught with her guy’s manhood.

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In the video, an unknown man whose voice could be heard in the background and responsible for taking of the video questioned the lady on the owner of the private part she has in her hands. She indicated it was one of her boyfriend in a crying tone with the m@nhood in her hand with blood around it.

She as well revealed her reason for doing the digusting act after she was questioned on that too. What came out of her mouth was that, her boyfriend is a kind who like to hung out with ladies and tagged him as a cheat.

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Watch video below at viewers discretion;


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