Bella of Date Rush Recounts How She Used To Vomit In SHS (Video)

As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. Bella of Date Rush who is often seen as a controversial and spoilt lady has revealed her backstory which can be deemed as sad.

During her interview with Zion Felix, she was asked which senior High school she attended. She reveals that she attended Labone Senior High School but didn’t complete there.

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When asked by Zion Felix why, she reveals that she had to stop due to transfer to Kumasi. She reveals that it was because she was always falling sick in school. So she moved to Kumasi for treatment and started attending a nearby school.

Zion Felix then asked her what illness, she replies saying, she doesn’t know for sure, but she used to vomit blood back in Senior High School. Bella adds that it sometimes even came through her nostrils.

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She continues her sad story by revealing that most of her friends, colleagues and students started shunning her. To the extent of even laughing at her. She thus moved to Kumasi to continue her studies and also receive herbal treatment.

Here is the video of the interview with Zionfelix :


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