Best Car Garages In Ghana (Full List)

Find the list of best car garages in Ghana in this article. They have in stock the cheapest and affordable rate for your cars repairs.

Are you looking for the best garage in Ghana to have your vehicle repaired? We have gathered a few list of the best garage you can visit for your car servicing.

These garages are spread out across the various regions we have in Ghana. Whenever you are in the country, you will surely find a car garage near by. They also provide good customer service to their clients.

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What is a car garage ? 

A garage is considered as a building cars are repaired or stored. If the structure you are building is large enough to accommodate a car, and has a door large enough to permit entrance of a vehicle, it will be considered a garage even if you do not plan to use it as such.

What is done at a car garage?

  • Replacing damaged car engine parts
  • Repairing and replacing flat tyres
  • Servicing of vehicles
  • Changing of engine oil
  • Repairing of other faults on cars

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Best car garages in Ghana 

Below is the list of Garages in Ghana;

  • Erata Motors
  • Special Gold Cars
  • De Georgia Motors
  • Swiss Group Limited
  • City Motors Ltd Annex
  • Toyota Ghana Limited
  • CFAO Ghana Limited
  • MAC Ghana
  • Silver Star Auto Ltd., Accra
  • Western Automobile Centre
  • Stoub Ltd
  • Urban Drive Ghana Ltd
  • Steph Auto Garage
  • Kelly B Motors
  • Land Rover Ghana

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Tools and equipments required for opening a garage

  • Hoist
  • Spanners
  • Auto Scanners
  • Tyre Changer
  • Tool Box

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