‘’Black Alien’ Admits His Transformation Is ‘Very Hard’ For Mum But They Have A Positive Relationship

Anthony Loffredo dream of becoming “Black Alien” is on a good course after undergoing body modifications and having extreme tattoos. Despite his achievement, relatives close to him find it difficult to relate with him.

He has come under several critics from the public, while he finds his modifications a dream come true, others think otherwise and see him as inhuman. Two of his fingers have been chopped off, and is also considering amputating one of his legs to complete his look as an alien.

During an interview on the Rene ZZ YouTube channel, Anthony Loffredo share his story concerning his family and how they have reacted to his current look.

“It’s fine, I talk to my brother and sister, my mum. At the beginning it’s hard of course, it’s something very hard and very shocking,” he told

“And for my mum it’s very hard because it’s her son that she sees change so much, so for her it’s something very shocking.”

But despite the initial reaction, Anthony revealed he now has a positive relationship with his family members.

“At the end of the day, I always talk to her, everyday… We have a good relationship, everything is normal,” he continued.

“I’m very lucky to have a mum like mine. There’s people whose mum doesn’t talk to them just for getting a tattoo.

“It depends on the mentality that your mum has.”

According to Anthony, initially things didn’t go well between he and mom because it was difficult for her to understand his lifestyle.


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