Bright Appiah: The Man Alleged To Have Filed The Complaint Against Akuapem Poloo

The Executive Director of Child Rights International (CRI), Mr Bright Appiah, takes on some form child rights abuse cases. However, he took on Akuapem Poloo in relation to her photo with her son.

Akuapem Poloo born Rosemond Brown is serving a sentence of ninety (90) days in prison. However, this is optimistically 3 months in prison. This follows a picture she posted on social media which has since been the talk of town.

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Most colleague celebrities have add up to the floor by raising range voices over her conviction, as they raise the flag of #FreeAkuapemPoloo.

They think the socialite actress should have some form of pardon without conviction to go to jail to serve a sentence.

The complaint was made to the police by Executive Director of Child Rights International Bright Appiah.

Mr. Bright Appiah made the first step in making an official complaint to the authorities about the absence material post Akuapem Poloo has subjected her seven-year-old son into.

Mr. Bright Appiah is of the opinion that every child deserves the right to fair treatment irrespective of their background. Therefore, his organization will be championing and protecting the right of children in Ghana. Also, in some cases, they will drag parents who maltreat their children to court.

In a letter he wrote to the Director-General of the Criminal Investigations Service in June 2020, Mr. Bright Appiah indicated that the activity undertook by Akuapem Poloo was a clear violation of the children’s act of Ghana.

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He indicated that Akuapem Poloo has abused the right of her son and must not be taken for granted. It was after his complaint that raised the bar on the matter.

Rosemond, has since proceed on her plea for justice on mercy.


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