British G@y Activist And Singer Composes Love Song With Akuffo Addo’s Name

G@y and l£$bi@ni$m is one kind of relationship against the religious norms and teachings of Ghana. As an act which has been frowned upon, whoever is seen guilty is not left unpunished.

Also the president of the nation Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo has opposed the act in Ghana as long as he stands to be the president.

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However, in a viral video circulating via social media, British singer and g@y activist popularly known as Boy George revealed in an interview that, a song composed by him contains lyrics calling for g@y rights, in a bid to woo Ghana’s president to take a look at g@y and l£$bi@ni$m in order to accept it.

The singer and g@y rights activist and a part of the LQBGT+ community, Boy George used Akuffo Addo’s name in his song. Therefore, he sang during the interview.

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The lyrics of the song stated, “Mr Nana Akuffo Addo, i sing to you, all love is true… I sing to you, you know it too, how can it be?”. He was questioned whether the president of Ghana has heard his song and his reply was “I hope so”.

Watch the video below to listen to the song.


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