Bukom Banku Gets “Disciplined” By His Son In A Street Boxing Fight (Video)

Ghanaian Boxer Bukom Banku, born Braimah Isaac Kamoko gets “disciplined” by his son in a street boxing fight.

The bout was held in front of the Bukom pharmacy between a father and son. It saw a number of people around with keen interest in how the two threw their punches at each other.

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From clear observations, the son of Bukom Banku outpowered him with his stamina and style of boxing. This he landed some clear punches in his father’s chin and sola plexus.

As a non-amateur Boxer, Bukom Banku besides didn’t hold back with his punches with regards to fighting his own son who was his opponent. But slowed down to show him how he does it in the ring for many years now.

He has turned up a champion in twenty-one (21) fights out of thirty and indications shows that when he decides to finally retire from Boxing, his son will be able to take over from his father’s legacy when given the needed support and training.

Watch the video below.


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