Bukom Banku Sadly Weeps In An Interview Whiles Sharing Story Of How His Son Got Him Arrested (Video)

Bukom Banku in interview has recounted several ordeals that left him in tears.

Bukom Banku was in the studio with his son and expressed his hatred towards him. He added that he had an ex-girlfriend and cautioned his kid to stay away, but his warnings went unheeded.

He even battered him into breaking up with the girl, and his son phoned the cops to have him arrested. He emphasized that he despises his son and is in excruciating anguish whenever he sees him.

He acknowledged that he still looks after him but harbors ill-will toward him. His son acknowledged that what he stated was true but was unable to explain why he did what he did to his father.

Banku was dismissive of his son and accused him of being a con artist. He stated that he has warned him multiple times to stop but he continues to do so. He referred to the act as a curse, and the presenter was forced to intervene when he became enraged.

Bukom Banku fell into uncontrollable tears when his son revealed he had broken up with the aforementioned ex-girlfriend.

The boxer stated that he was broke and needed money to survive. Additionally, he complained of an eye injury acquired during boxing. He went to the extent of beating him into breaking up with the girl and his son called the police to arrest him.

He was crying uncontrollably and you could see he was in anguish.

Perhaps he should seek the happiness he desires and focus on his wife in order to avoid all of these trials.

Watch the video here:



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