Burna Boy Finally Apologies And Shifts Himself From Shatta Wale’s Beef-(Watch)

Nigerian superstar Burna boy has come out to ask fans to forgive him for dirtying himself in public as a result of Shatta Wale’s rant.

The two involved themselves in an intense battle on social media using unacceptable words on each other which even got to an extent where Burna Boy claimed he wished to see the teeth and bl00d of Shatta on the floor in a fist battle.

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Also the two kept on revealing each other’s secret they got to know when became close friends for sometime. This took everyone by surprise because they thought a secret shouldn’t be revealed no matter what happens.

Burna boy has finally walk away from Shatta Wale’s beef with him. This was seen in a recent post he made.He asked for an apology from everyone he has let down because he shouldn’t have involved himself in something like this.

He even stated that he is going to go off social media for sometime yet Shatta Wale on the other hand has vowed no to stop anytime soon.


  1. So so so unfortunate, so because you took Grammy award from America, your mind tells you that you better than SHATTA WALE?? An artist who has collaborated with Beyonce?? And seeing SHATTA WALE as pig and dirty and you who actually used words that made you rather dirtying yourself??! I think by apologizing to your fans you should have left social media with a goodwill.. surpringly SHATTA WALE didn’t mention your name, it could be a showbiz talk against artists and not against Nigerian citizens… But you Burna Boy took it personally and guttered yourself… I respect Davido ,, he rather show class he later grooved with SHATTA… the 1Don


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