Canadian Tik Toker Complains In A Hilarious Way After Seeing Black Sherif’s “Kwaku The Traveller” So Many Times On Tiktok (Video)

A Canadian man’s reaction on Black Sherif’s song clearly shows the song has taken over the world despite the complaints he made.

Speaking in a hilarious manner, he said the only way he can have his eyes stay afar from watching and ears from listening to Black Sherif’s song is to stay away from tiktok for awhile.

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Although he said it in jest as he is known for mimicking viral social media videos to entertain his followers, Tony Lavoie’s video goes to prove how much impact Black Sherif’s work is making all over the world.

Ghanaians couldn’t hide their laughter after noticing that the Canadian man mimicked the voice of another person to pass out the comment.

They also applauded him for studying the voice well as though he is a typical Nigerian all because the original voice had Nigeria accent.


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