Can’t You See I Am Into You-Enock Darko Goes Emotional (Watch)

Ghanaian actor who rose to fame through TV3’s talented kids show with his posts started causing fear and panic to his followers.

The first post from the Ghanaian actor who is currently reigning in the Nigerian movie industry stated; “ Ok I have a confession to make. Who wanna hear? Did something crazy on my birthday guys and it’s hunting me”.

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In a few minutes time he posted another statement which went like this; “Ermmm am so sorry bombshell fans. Don’t tell the police.
7:00pm Nigerian time will spite all up. Am so scared I don’t think will be able to act for you guys to love and enjoy my nollywood movies again. After telling it all I think I am done acting”

He later on came up with another post which had photos of himself and a beautiful lady Ben displayed with a caption saying; “don’t know why this beautiful Nigerian girl is treating me this way, even on my birthday. Called all day you didn’t pick up. Can’t you see am in love? Can’t you see am into you? Ifeoma love you”.

Followers after realizing this as the issue bothering the actor described his acts as a joke since he has been always playing mind games with them. However it may seem that the Ghanaian has fallen in love.


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