Check The Before and After Photo of “Mona Mo Bl33”

“Mona mo bl33” as he is recognized by many is a Ghanaian as the “celebrity madman”. He is known on the streets and by social media users as one with a psychological problem. However others think he has no psychological problem since he knows what life is about. Also, the manner in which he answers questions thrown to him is seen as brilliant.

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Although he is in a condition which people seem not to be encouraging. Especially with his looks, his videos has been a source of entertainment to many in Ghana.
His term “Mona mo bl33”(you are the ones suffering) is commonly used in Ghana especially on social media. Also used by some musicians in their songs. He has been granted interviews by some of the media and was offered food items and money.

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It has been recognized that the “Mona mo bl33” we used to know has changed completely in his physical looks. He was easily identified as a man with bushy hair and beard too but his current looks will make one not believe he was the “Mona mo bl33” everyone knew. Many after observing his current look have really felt impressed as they claim he looks gentle and more handsome than earlier.

A photo of his old look has been grided with his current look which will assist you to identify him easily.

Mona Mo Bl33



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