Civilization Has Come So You People Must Stop The Fo0ling- Afia Schwarzenegger

A video sighted by Edem Trends Gh captured media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger jabbing conveners of #fixthecountry. She is throwing shot at people who will be involve in fix the country demonstration on Wednesday.

The social media influencer on countless occasions lambasted the fix the country campaigners. This is not the first of it kind as she previously released her anguish on them. In her video, she indicated, video she has always being trolled for that. She also got a hint concerning the final date for the demonstration scheduled after her return from Cape Coast.

She served a word of advice to the people who are willing to join the #fixthecountry demonstration. Afia insisted the conveners can have their voice heard on social media rather than going to the road to do. She added, “they should know we are in a civilized era so they should stop Fo0ling”.

She gave a reason Akuffo Addo and Kwaku and a group of people demonstrated on road because they had no platform to let their voice heard years ago. Morever, Afia used herself as an example as how she just pick up her phone to talk her mind but at the end, her video get the needed attention.

The actress, entrepreneur and radio personality also reminded Ghanaians of how the recent demonstration took away the life of some protesters without a son or a daughter of an MP being included.

Watch video below.


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