Date Rush Reunion: The Love and heartbreaks On Date Rush Season 4

Date Rush Reunion: The Love and heartbreaks On Date Rush Season 4

TV3’s Date Rush has been one of the most watched and discussed television reality show in Ghana. The season 4 has been the epic of all as it has finally come to a end. The season was climaxed with Date Rush Reunion. Thus to bring on board all those who had dates on the show and how far they have been referring.

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The few number of candidates who had dates during the show were present to share their stories, challenges and joy on the night of Date Rush Reunion. Some were rejoicing and praising their ends, while others ended in tears.

Date Rush Reunion Happy and Fall Out Moments

  • Gyato and Grace
    Date Rush Reunion
    Grace proposes to Gyato

    Most importantly, Gyato and Grace were the best outstanding date on the night. The interesting part of when Grace proposed to Gyato live on TV. They are among the two dates that really shown they are having a great time together.

  • Powder and Ruby 
Date Rush Reunion
Powder and Ruby

However, Ruby who claimed to have given his date, Powder all the sweet things any woman have ever offered him went in tears. They wouldn’t move further as Ruby claimed the Powder guy was cheating. She ended everything on the night.

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  • Bebelino and Sandra 
Date Rush Reunion
Sandra and Bebelino

Bebelino whose date was Sandra has a few fall outs but Sandra made it known that he really love him. Bebelino also shown love back but saying “he will do anything for love.”

  • Raymond and Cecilia
Raymond and Cecilia

Their fall outs also brought in Raymond and Cecilia who also had quite similar issues. Well, Cecilia indicated, Ray will be on trial but he should do his homework very well.

  • Henry and Stephanie 
Henry and Stephanie

Another best date on the night was, Henry and Stephanie.
Stephanie said, Henry has been very supportive from the begging till date. Henry also said, yes!! It’s true, their Love is forever.

The reactions on the night proved that they are very well moving along and when asked if Ghanaians should be expecting the first Date Rush marriage, they said yes.

  • Seth and Rose 
Seth and Rose

Furthermore, we had some hilarious moments between Sark (Seth) and Khadijah (Rose) who always said she was broke when texted. Everything was about money for her and that she only picks Uber.

  • Bismarck and Sedzime 
Bismarck and Sedzime

They also had a fall out based on money issue. Sedzime was only available when she needed something.

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In conclusion, could it be that most of the females on the show are just into the money and not the real deal (love). Also if one isn’t ready for a relationship should you be on such a show? Most Ghanaians have reacted to these saga and think things on Date Rush are sometimes scripted and not real.

If truly everyone deserves love, I think Ghanaians will be happy if the right choice of people are chosen. As the new season kick off soon, let’s hope it becomes enjoyable and better.


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