Date Rush Season 5: Fatima and Sebastian Would Make A Perfect Match

Our favorite TV reality show continued this week with season 5, episode 2. In this episode, Sebastian featured as part of the guys behind their rushes hoping to take a date home.

Sebastian’s first appearance on the show was in episode 1 of season 5. In that episode, he was very close to getting a date after Martha turned off his rush and that of Desmond. Martha finally walked away without a date.

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In yesterday’s episode, Sebastian wanted to save himself the heartbreak and turned off his rush. He had already lost confidence knowing Inise would not fancy him. Inise successfully convinced him to turn it back on, and he did so. After questioning him and Fareed, Inise turned off his rush and went in for Fareed.

It seems most of the ladies who come to find love do not fancy been with Sebastian. But there is one person I think would make him happy. Girl dem boss lady, Fatima. After many unsuccessful attempts in season 4, she was not able to get a date.

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Who knows, maybe she can feature Sebastian in one of her music videos and have her cook for him. Let us know what you think about these two in the comment section.


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