Delay Joins Buga Challenge With Tik Toker ErkuahOfficial, Her Bouncing Hips In Video Cause Stir

Deloris Frimpong Manson popularly known as Delay has wowed fans after joining the viral ‘Buga’ dance challenge. Her moves got the attention of many social media users who commented under the shared video.

The Radio and Television presenter wowed fans with some good moves as she battled with Tik tok Star Erkuah official. Her figure in the bodycon outfit she was wearing drew the attention of her followers.

In these videos, Delay and Tik Tok star Erkuah Official was seen battling each other in the ‘Buga’ dance challenge.

The Delay Show and Wontumi presenter shared the video on her Instagram page as she joined the ‘Buga’ dance challenge.

Watch the video here


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