Delay Turns Down Rapper Amerado’s Proposal During An Interview (Video)

The Delay Show is among one of the most realistic interview platforms in Ghana.

This show hosted by Deloris Frimpong Manso a.k.a Delay has put numerous celebrities on the show. They get to reveal the truth behind any controversies surrounding them.

Likewise, they get to answer diverse questions pertaining to their own personal lives. And secrets kept by some of these celebrities have so far being unveiled.

Finally, Ghanaian rapper Amerado has also been interviewed by Delay. On the show, he gave out answer to his current relationship status. In the process, he tried to “shoot his shot” at the single lady presenter.

The television host Delay pleaded with Amerado and referred to him as a 26 year old boy who can’t date a 39 year old lady like her.

She went further to explain ladies grow faster than guys and the she will become older quicker than him and also the rapper will bother her with women issues at her old age.

Video of interview below;


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