Don’t Work Like The Country Be Your Own – Shatta Wale Add His Voice To E-Levy Brouhaha

The inclusion of E-levy in the current government budget has risen lot of concerns. He has trigger many to talk about the topic in Ghana. Some of the popular personalities in the country have added their voices too. The current person to talk about it is Shatta Wale.

The introduction of this E-Levy has even brought about division and disagreements in our Parliament House in passing the controversial bill.

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Speaking in the video making rounds on social media, Shatta Wale indicated the initiative is good and nice because they want to develop the country but they should create measures for the citizens. They shouldn’t work like the country is their own, they should work with the citizens.

They should think about us as human beings and not see us as ‘animals’. Talking further, he said when you go to America, there are shops you can get items worth one dollar because the government know not everyone can afford the expensive items so they have initiatives in place for certain category of people.

He asked if our leaders have done something like that for us? Shatta Wale has asked that current government to listen to the complains of the citizens and work with us.

Watch the video below…..


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