Dr. Likee Shows Great Affection To Inmates He Saw Working On The Street (Video)

Kumawood actor Dr. Likee (Ras Nene) who is reigning now due to his comic videos have shown a great affection towards inmates he saw working on the street.

Such acts are not ordinary looking at the kind of society we live in and how people react when they spot inmates who are brought outside their walls to work, as a number of them have revealed that sometimes they get treated as if they are not humans.

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Dr. Likee in the video which he shared online, was seen getting down from a car with one other actor in the Kumawood movie industry. Dr. Likee approached them as they also walked towards him and he started giving them a hand shake and hugged them.

The reactions of the inmates and Dr. Likee from the video posted are just priceless, and it shows how the actor and content creator does not discriminate but treats everyone as important.

Watch the video.


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