E-Levy, you people will pay, no amount of ranking and shouting will stop it-Nana Aba Anamoah Tell Ghanaians

The debate on the introduction of the E-Levy has been the talk of town for months now. Most people have had their say on the subject matter. And it seems most Ghanaians don’t accept it introduction as they feel it affect transactions through mobile money.

Just a few of Ghanaian and majority members in parliament are of hope that the introduction of the e-levy will help raise enough revenue for the country.

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Having her say on the matter is Nana Aba Anamoah, who is regarded as one of the personalities that talk about national activities. On her official Twitter handle to dropped a post ‘trying to break the heart’ of Ghanaians.

In her tweet, she states that

“You ‘people’ will pay the E levy. No amount of ranting and shouting will stop it.”

she further went on to write that she will even help Nana to enforce the levy and that the levy even goes beyond Mobile Money transactions.

Several Ghanaians have reacted to her post and you could find some very hilarious. Others has showed mixed feelings towards the post. Check out one of the hilarious comments below……


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