“Eeei Same Voice And Hand Gestures OO”-Social Media Users React To A Video Of Black Sherif’s Look-alike (Video)

Ghanaians online couldn’t believe their eyes following a video showing a look-like of Black Sherif behaving similarly like him.

The young man who appeared in the video wearing an all black durag and a cap to represent how his mentor also dresses.

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In the video, he was spotted singing Black Sherif’s verse on ‘Always’, a track which featured Darkoo. He simply murdered the verse with the same voice as Blacko and did some hand gestures to show he has really studied Black Sherif for long.

This has been the second time a replica of the Ghanaian singer and rapper has popped up. Some Ghanaians have jokingly asked Black Sherif to see his father and asks him some questions.


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